Non-visible power supply

In some buildings, it is advisable to integrate the medium-voltage technology in equipment rooms or in the basement. This results in the advantage that the transformer station is not visible from the outside.

A transformer station in the building offers the best possible design options when it comes to technical changes such as extensions.

In addition, indoor transformer stations are less susceptible to maintenance because they are not exposed to natural events. However, the maintenance intervals must still be taken into account.

Whether a transformer station in the building is possible for your application depends on various criteria. These include, for example, the spatial conditions, ambient conditions (such as other plant & machinery), fire protection requirements and permissible noise emissions.

We are familiar with the current regulations and will be happy to advise you!

Transformer station in the building with our pressure relief duct HS TRS-Duct



You need a station at short notice?

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We are looking forward to offer you a rental station on a transitional basis, so that the supply is ensured until your sales station is delivered.

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