Safe pressure rejection system from Horstmann & Schwarz

Dear Blog Reader,

Today we report about our own product.

Horstmann und Schwarz has had a modular pressure control system for medium-voltage switchgear tested and certified by IPH Berlin. The HS TSR-Duct provides triple safety in the event of an arc fault.

The innovative pressure control system can be used in new stations and control rooms as well as the optimal solution for your retrofit project.

Triple protection thanks to Triple Safety Relief

In the event of an arc fault, the HS TSR-Duct safely conducts the resulting hot and toxic gases out of the control room into the open air.

Your equipment not directly affected by the arc fault is protected and can continue to operate.

With the HS TSR-Duct, you minimize room pressures occurring in the event of an arc fault and avoid contamination in stations and switchgear rooms of all kinds.


For more information on our HS TSR-Duct, see “Products”. Continue reading here now!