Maintenance at Tünkers Maschinenbau Gmbh, Ratingen


Maintenance at Tünkers Maschinenbau GmbH, Ratingen

Dear Blog Reader,

Today we take you to the major maintenance at our customer TÜNKERS Maschninenbau GmbH in Ratingen.

We have been a partner of TÜNKERS for many years when it comes to energy supply and distribution.

TÜNKERS Maschinenbau GmbH owns 5 transformer stations with a total capacity of 5MVA, which supply the individual production halls with electrical energy.

Every four years, these stations are maintained in accordance with DGUV V3 to ensure a reliable power supply.

The capacitive interfaces in the individual installations, the correct functioning of the UMZ, the proper connection of the MV and LV cables, the general condition of the components and the validity of the station accessories are checked.

We are pleased to have satisfied another customer and to have secured the power supply for the next years.

See you soon – in the next blog post,

Yours Oliver Müller from Horstmann & Schwarz.