Annual monitoring audit for ISO 9001 and SCC** successfully passed


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Mr. Martin Gerner from TÜV Rheinland accompanied and checked us over two days. Topics of the ISO 9001 as well as the Occupational safety certification SCC** on the agenda. Our quality management representative Mrs. Nünning prepared us very well for the current surveillance audit and accompanied Mr. Gerner, together with our managing directors Axel Horstmann and Jörg Abele, through the two-day audit.

ISO 9001

Quality assurance is one of the primary goals of Horstmann & Schwarz. Meeting a high quality standard satisfies us, customers and business partners. Because they can rely on the company being managed correctly and in a future-proof manner.

In order for us to be able to show this to the outside world as a company, we meet the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with regard to the ISO 9001 certificate.

Advantages of ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard, not a law. So it’s an optional flagship. ISO 9001 has a lot of meaning across many industries and in most parts of the world. This is how we manage to secure trust in our company on an international level. We have already delivered our transformer stations to customers in 21 different countries.

Procedure during the 2021 monitoring audit

Not only were the theoretically prepared structures, instructions and objectives in the form of the quality management manual reviewed, but also the actual activities. For this purpose, Mr. Gerner visited the plant as well as one of our construction sites and spoke with employees.

Additional occupational safety certification SCC**

Functioning occupational health and safety is of vital importance to us, our employees and clients. We improve the safety awareness of our employees through targeted training. The certification of occupational health and safety according to SCC** has the goal of preventing accidents.

For whom is SCC** certification relevant?

For our customers and business partners, the topic of occupational safety – and thus SCC** certification – plays a major role in daily operations. These include companies from the following industries:

  • Chemistry,
  • Plant engineers,
  • Construction and ancillary construction trades,
  • Industry,
  • Metal construction,
  • technical offices/engineering offices


Horstmann und Schwarz would like to ensure a high quality standard and thus the satisfaction of customers and business partners with the annual monitoring of ISO 9001 and SCC**.

The management attaches particular importance to these issues. Quality management permanently monitors occupational safety, health and environmental protection. As quality management representative, Ms. Nünning successfully accompanied the current review. We would like to thank her once again for her dedication and commitment.

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